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February 2020


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How to be an awesome UI designer!

Our mission here is to make you into a "super-designer". (patent pending ;-) We'll show you the best practices, quick fixes and all of our mistakes (with solutions) so you won't have to make them yourself.

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About us

Since 2011 we've designed and developed over 200 digital products for both corporations and startups. We teach design at a university and do countless workshops and keynotes all around europe.

This book is our way of sharing our years of knowledge, so you can design better, faster and with higher precision. It will transform your approach to designing UI and greatly improve your skills.

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Who is this book for?

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Beginners will get a one of a kind handbook showing you all the safe methods and best practices to do great stuff!

Advanced designers will refresh and update their knowledge with what we've learned about UI design in over 12 years.

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Front-end developers

Front-end developers will now understand the basics of design and designer cooperation to achieve faster and frictionless project builds. A developer who understands design is an invaluable addition to any company, as these unicorns are rare! Become one!

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Startups will find ways to build converting MVP's and gain user trust even with the smallest of budgets. Your product can only make the first impression once - so make it last and make your users love what you've created!

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Marketing and Social Media

Marketing and Social Media Ninjas will understand how UI ties with their marketing materials. Little details that bring your message front and center and drive growth! You'll also see how to wrap your content visually for maximum effect and conversion!

An example interface you will build after reading the book

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Over 300 pages

of the best design practices

You will also get Sketch and Adobe XD files with all the components you can freely use in your own projects!

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What you will learn?

How to bring your design skills to the next level!

How to keep consistency, precision and aesthetics in everything you do.

What to avoid, what's tricky and what's a quick safe choice if you're short on time.

…but also how to start working with a design system, how to choose colors, typography, do frictionless developer handoff and much, much more...

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